Ashiya Decollte Clinic is a cosmetic dermatology clinic near Ashiya Station.
Introducing our popular menus such as treating for spots, sagging, and permanent makeup.
We also have an English-speaking staff, so please feel free to contact us.


Ashiya Decollte Clinic’s Medical Artmake

At Ashiya Decollte Clinic, each Artmake is performed by medical professionals who undergone thorough training under the supervision of a doctor. Based on our multiple achievements, please experience our medical Artmake that starts with a sketch, and finishes in a natural look and beautiful eyebrows.

Recommended for people those who...

  • Can’t draw her eyebrows well
  • Is worried about that her eyebrows are thin
  • With old shape remains
Price list
Eyebrow Art 1st and 2nd time ¥49,500
3rd time onwards, REPEAT within 1½years ¥38,500
Eye line (Above) 1st and 2nd time ¥44,000
3rd time onwards, REPEAT within 1½years ¥33,000
Hair line (M only) 1st time ¥55,000
One part only ¥33,000 Point Only (1 x 1 cm) ¥11,000

※Each time price, tax included  

  • If a person in charge is requested, a separate fee of ¥5,500 will be charged.
  • It is recommended that you undergo the treatment 2-3 times to complete the ideal eyebrows.
  • Please note that you cannot receive treatment during pregnancy.

artmake detail


toning laser

Treatment of Chloasma with Toning Laser

We can approach liver spots and light spots that are difficult to treat even among spots. Even “chloasma” and vague stains, which are considered difficult to treat, can be definitely improved by using optimum bacteria. Please consult with us even other hospital cannot treat you.

Using of the reliable Fotona Equipment

At our clinic, we use the "Q-SWITCH YAG LASER QX" that is combining the high technology and know-how cultivated over many years in Europe. By non-invasively degenerating and metabolizing melanin pigment, it is possible to safely improve symptoms while suppressing exacerbation and pigmentation due to inflammation.

Price list
Regular Toning(Whole Face) one Time ¥14,300   5 Times-Course ¥55,000
Regular Toning(Both Cheeks) one Time ¥8,800   5 Times-Course ¥33,000
Intensive Toning(Whole Face) one Time ¥22,000   After 10 times ¥11,000

※Tax included  

* You may feel brightness of skin and inprovement of skin condition with one treatment, but in order to improve spots and light spots, it is necessary to continue the treatment once every two weeks, generally about 10 times. Please be assured that the doctor will judge the required number of times while examining the condition of your skin.



Painless LIFT-UP Machine

Decollte clinic's popular e-Plus sublime focuses on age-prone parts and has a tremendous effect on sagging and tightening. It is a painless phototherapy that you can feel the immediate effect, freshness, and long-term tightening effect by collagen growth. From sagging and wrinkles on the face to wrinkles and stiff shoulders on the neck, it is comfortably and quickly improved.

Amazing Effects of SUBLIME

Sublime is a phototherapy that uses the double energy of infrared rays and RF (Radio Frequency) to increase collagen in the skin and create youthful firmness and elasticity. The dermis layer, which is warmed by the two energies of "infrared" and "high frequency", grows a lot of collagen in the process of trying to restore it. By doing so, the skin becomes firmer.

Price list
Whole Face one Time ¥33,000
Around the eyes, Face line, Neck (Each part) one Time ¥22,000
Whole Face + Neck one Time ¥44,000

※Tax included  

* Sublime has a strong immediate effect, and you can experience a considerable effect with one treatment, butin order to maintain the tightening and pulling effect, we recommend you to receive regular irradiation once a month. Please be assured that the doctor will make a decision while examining the condition of your skin.


BOTOX Injection

Anti-aging that can be done immediately with Botox.

Botox injection is a component extracted from Clostridium botulinum that works to improve wrinkles, fine face line, and lift up effect. By making the wrinkles created by movement less noticeable, and regaining youthfulness with tighter skin, while giving a gentle look. Furthermore, you can expect a small face and lift-up effect by suppressing the movement of muscles.

Suppresses the release of acetylcholine, which causes wrinkles.

Acetylcholine is a substance responsible for the transmission of information between the ends of motor nerves and muscles. It is necessary for muscle movement and is also greatly involved in sweating from the eccrine sweat glands. By suppressing the release of acetylcholine with Botox, you can prevent the formation of unpleasant wrinkles due to muscle movement, and suppress unpleasant sweating such in the underarm.

Price list
Forehead ¥22,000
Outer corner of the eyes ¥27,500 to  ¥55,000
Between the eyeblows ¥27,500 to  ¥55,000
Lifting ¥77,000 to  ¥143,000
Underarm (Botox Vista) ¥99,000
Underarm (Regenox) ¥66,000

※Tax included  

* The therapeutic effect of Botox lasts for about 6 months, but it varies from person to person. Especially in the case of hyperhidrosis treatment, the effect varies depending on the number of sweat glands and the amount of sweating. If you feel the effect is weak, you can inject more. If you’re worried about the pain, it can be minimized with anesthetic cream or cooling.


Environ Skin Care

“Healthy and beautiful skin is full of vitamin A”.

This is the fact that the doctor who continued to face the beauty of bare skin has arrived. The cause of skin aging, 80% of which is due to UV damage. Vitamin A works on the damage to condition the skin's natural condition and lead to healthy and beautiful skin.

This vitamin A, which has been said to be difficult to commercialize, has been on repeated trial and error, and the product that is still evolving is named "Environ". With Environ, skin changes, surprises, and excitement that you want to experience. Look forward to waking up every morning and looking in the mirror. Environ is truly a life-changing skin care product.

Environ Facial Treatment

Faster, more beautiful, and professionally guided skin care. Impression to your skin that goes beyond home care. Our clinic offers professional treatments. Carefully individual counseling will help you find a more reliable method, and advanced technology will help you get closer to your ideal skin faster.

Our professional will choose the Environ Treatment Course depending on their purpose and skin condition.

Price (Tax included)

■Primary Course
40 minutes
For those who can receive Environ treatment for the first time.
Vitamin A and C are mildly replenished by iontophoresis.
■W Vitamin Course
60 minutes
Sonoion Dual Technology provides firm vitamin care for the entire face.
Iontophoresis is also performed while cooling to finish.
■Polishing Treatment
Simultaneous Treatment
with Other Menus
Using oil to dissolve and remove darkening of pores and sebum stains,
deep cleanse that adsorbs with a mask containing clay.
By doing this before the treatment, the penetration effect will be enhanced.